Detailed Engineering Services

In order to provide more specific details we have separated our services into a number of categories.


Design and planning implementation of equipment layouts for various buildings and areas. Selection and specification of Power Plant Equipment including:

  • Steam generator and auxiliaries
  • Gas turbine generator and auxiliaries
  • Gas engine and Diesel engine generators and auxiliaries etc
  • Design and specification of fuel storage and handling system
  • Design and specification of Ash handling, storage and handling system
  • Design and specification of water systems, compressed air system, HVAC system, miscellaneous material handling system
  • Design of P&I Diagrams for feed water, steam and condensate system; various water systems, cooling water system; fuel handling system; raw water and water treatment systems
  • Piping Design and Drawings including piping material specifications, layout drawings, isometrics, stress analysis, bill of materials, pipe supports etc
  • Design Specifications for Fire Protection Equipments /Systems


  • Design of power evacuation system
  • Estimation of auxiliary power (Normal and Emergency)
  • Design of High Tension and Low Tension Power Distribution system
  • Design / Sizing and specification of Electrical Equipment including transformers, switchgear ( H.T. & L.T.), Cables, Lighting fittings etc
  • Electrical System Study including Relay Co-ordination
  • Design and specification of Variable Speed Drives for special applications
  • Design and specifications of various service systems including Plant Communication, Fire Alarm and Detection
  • Design of inverter system (for solar projects)


Design and specifications of Instrumentation and Control Systems


We understand all areas of the processes in establishing a power plant from the earliest tending processes, through conceptualisation and consulting on the details and reporting on the progress of the entire process.

We have experience of Architectural, Civil and Structural Design including estimation of quantities for tender documents, tender documents for civil and structural works, plot development, drawings for statutory approvals and construction drawings for all buildings / areas.


Conceptualising, planning and tendering are skills we can bring to your project but we can also provide a wealth of experience in the procurement process, ensuring that you receive value for money and quality to last well into the lifetime of the project minimising unplanned downtime and loss of revenue. Some areas we can advise on include;

  • Directing the enquiries to selected bidders
  • Bid analysis (Technical and Commercial)
  • Purchase recommendation
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Review of vendor's drawings etc