Basic Engineering Services

Our services can help with all aspects of your requirements from the earliest stage of planning, offering services which help establish the conceptualisation of the Instrumentation and controls requirements for the complete power plant including power evacuation system and power distribution systems This conceptualisation can also include all civil and structural works requirement for the various components of power plants. These services can then aid the estimation of project cost and unit generation cost for the power plant, which in turn helps with feasibility reports and detailed project reports.

We can also assist with the selection of power plant fuel, cycle, size and type of power plant fuel storage handling system, type and size of power plant equipment, size and type of various auxiliary systems / equipment for the power plant including ash handling system and cooling systems. These services help determine the Heat and Mass Balance for the complete power plant to make it an effective, successful project from the outset. We can offer design solutions for cogeneration projects and take this through to practical implementation on your site, with the resulting increase in energy efficiency and reduction in carbon emissions.

If you choose solar (Photovoltaic), we can select the most appropriate technology for the geographical location and the grid-linkage status of the project --- (polycrystalline or thin film cells, type and size of modules, array size required, specification of inverter, safety systems, battery type and capacity , and prepare the Layout drawings.